Pattern Corrections

Revised Class Hand-outs:
"Fake" Short Rows
Wrap It Right

A printing error caused some kit patterns to have the right-hand edge cut off, changing some numbers. If you think you have one of these patterns, please Contact Us for a corrected pattern:

Pattern Books & Individual Leaflets

(First two numbers indicate book number)

Synchronicity: Shape edges: Knit all rows and at beg of every RS row, slip 1st st, k 1, psso, k2, pass 1st st over (2 sts bound off).
At end of every Row 3, work to last 2 sts, kf&b, k1 (1 st increased).   

Keyed Up: Cast on 289 sts.   

Pat 2605 Lacy Bobble Pullover
    Row 9:
P 5, k 1, *p 9, k1*, repeat ** across, end p 5.

Pat 3505 Scallops Cape: 2nd page, 2nd column:
18 sts. Row 11: k 1, (ssk, p 1) twice, k 2 (p 1, k 2 tog) twice, k 1.

Pat 3507 Openwork poncho worked in k 2 tog mode--try working rnd 2 first, then rnd 1. The following explanation about the design may be helpful:
The idea is that an extra stitch is added every other rnd on both sides of the marked stitch. The marked stitch is the center of front and back; an extra yo is added every other rnd either side of that marked stitch; and whether you knit a stitch first or go directly into k 2 tog depends on how it lines up with the rnd before.
Here's the rule: A k 2 tog will always be worked with the previous yo first on the needle and the previous k 2 tog 2nd on the needle. If the first st after the marked st is a yo, then the first action will be k 2 tog, yo. If the first st after the marked st is an actual st, then it will simply be knitted and then proceed with k 2 tog, yo around to next marker. The same holds true for any extra stitches before the marked st (at end of section)--if there is one lone st, simply knit it and after the next yo is added, it will get worked into the pattern.

Pat 3508: Where it states Next Row: *K1, K2 tog*, rep** across - 30 sts.
It should read Next row: dec 10 sts evenly spaced across—30 sts.

Pat 3509 Schematic is not to scale--armhole starts after neckline shaping begins.
Clarification for neckline decreases:
Row 1: k 2 tog (dec made), k 1 *k 2 tog, yo* repeat **, end k 1.
Row 2: k 1, *yo, k 2 tog* rep **.
Row 3: k 2, *yo, k 2 tog*, rep **, end k 1.
Row 4: rep row 2.
Row 5: k 2 tog (dec made), *yo, k 2 tog*, rep **, end k 1.
Row 6, 7, 8: rep row 2.

Pat 3611 Right Front size XL should be 70 sts

Pat 3802 Materials should be 2 Kashmir (not 1)

Pat 3813 Stitch multiple should be 14 plus 4; Cast On should be 116.

Pat 3910 First interlocking should begin when ready for a WS row (not RS row). Second interlocking will begin when ready for a RS row.

Pat 3912 Knit Fisherman's Rib pattern stitch: add row 2: sl 1, *k 1, k 1 in row below*, rep **.

Pat 4104 After body increases and neck decreases, ready for armholes: numbers should be 144 (160, 172, 184) sts. Split for armholes: Work across 30 (36, 39, 42) sts, BO 8 sts, work across 68 (72, 78, 84) sts, BO 8 sts, work across rem 30 (36, 39, 42) sts. If you have worked more neck decreases, you may have to adjust the front numbers, but the back numbers remain the same. After cont armhole and neck decreases, back (shoulder) numbers should be 56 (58, 62, 66) sts.

Pat 4107 Back neck is 28 sts. Front bind off should be 14 sts from center for each front; rem sts become shoulder seam.

Pat 4203 Clarification:
Since the scarf is in garter, it is not necessary to pick up the wraps after short rows have been worked.
"4 st increments" indicates that all wrap and turns are done 4 stitches apart. As you increase along one edge, eventually there will be 4 more stitches in the total and hence another wrap and turn short row. Again, as sts increase eventually there will be another 4 sts and so another wrap and turn short row. As the stitch count increases, the wedges of short rows become larger. If you miss on one, it won’t matter as the shaping does not require precision.
So, in the beginning you work to last 4 sts, w & t, then work to last 8 sts, w & t. When 4 more sts have been added, you will wrap and turn at last 4 sts, then at last 8 sts, then at last 12 sts. When 4 more sts have been added, w & t at last 4 sts, last 8 sts, last 12 sts, last 16 sts, and so on until you have the total number of sts as specified for your size.

Pat 4405 Please download Free Pattern # 7 for the most up to date instructions. FP7

Pat 4602 Shape left or right sleeve: after placing sts on holder; k 44 (46, 48, 50, 52) sts. P 1 row. Turn and using cable cast on, CO 72 (74, 76, 78, 80) sts--116 (120, 124, 128, 132) sts. (In early versions of pattern, there was an extra k 44 (46, 48, 50, 52) sts before the cast on.) Also, eliminate P1 row at end of short row shaping (BO row will begin by purling).

Pat 4606 After picot decrease row: Next row: *k 1, yo*, rep ** across, end k 1.

Pat 4803 For front edge shaping: last BO 3 sts should be next 2 RS rows; then CO should be next 2 RS rows.

Pat 4804 Left front armhole shaping should begin on next RS row (not WS row). Neck shaping should begin next WS row (not RS row).

Pat 5303 Half Linen stitch pattern: Row 2 & 4: Purl
Eliminate P row after pick-up for collar. Begin collar patt with WS facing.
Pat 5303 B (alt version): For all pieces, CO with E and work 12 rows Half Linen st before beginning color sequence.

Pat 5302 and
Pat 5305:
Checkerboard patt:
Rows 1-6: *K 4, p 4* rep ** across
Rows 7-12: *P4, k 4* rep ** across                                                                                                    
Also, armhole depth on diagram should be 8".

Pat 5601 Wrap: Each color should be worked for 32 rows (16 ridges).

Pat 5705: Neck edging:
Next row: K to within 1 st of marker, inc 1 in next st, sm, inc 1 in next st, k to end.

Pat 5802: Gauge is in rib.
CO 72 (86, 90, 100, 108) sts. (Sizing was left off).
Shape front neck: work 30 (37, 39, 44, 48) sts, attach 2nd ball and BO center 12 sts, work 30 (37, 39, 44, 48) sts.

Pat 5803: Change to largest needle when beginning 2nd increase rnd. Last section of collar (after 3rd increase row) should be worked in CC only.

Pat 5804: In body pattern, end last repeat with rows 7 & 8 (bobble rows).
Edge: Worked over multiple of 12 + 2 sts.
Row 1: K1, *yo, K1, (sl1, k2tog, psso), K1, yo, K1, yo, K1, (sl1, k2tog, psso), K1, yo, K1* repeat ** K1.
(bold italic indicates bead).

Pat 5805: Right front: work as for LF to 9 (9 1/2, 10, 11, 12)". Shape armholes and neck: BO 4 (4, 5, 6, 7) sts beg next row. Dec 1 st at beg every WS row 4 (5, 5, 5, 6) times and at the same time, dec 1 st at neck edge every other row twice, then dec 1 st at neck edge every 4th row 10 (13, 14, 15, 15) times—16 (16, 16, 18, 20) sts rem. When same length as back, BO all sts.

Pat 6102: After first increase rnd: Work k 1, p 1 rib over 224 (232, 240, 256) sts of collar, and stock st over 85 (87, 90, 98) sts of back for 4”.
When collar is 8" and last increase rnd is to be worked, change to largest needle.
(When body is complete) with smallest needle and A, pick up and knit 70 (74, 76, 80) sts around armhole. Work k 1, p 1 rib for 4 rows, then BO all sts in pattern.

Pat 6103: Bottom ruffle: With smaller needle and A, beginning at left side lower edge of collar, pick up
and knit 34 sts along edge of collar to beg of angle, 62 sts to beg of CO, 114 (122, 130, 138, 146) sts along bottom CO edge, 62 sts to end of angle, 34 sts to beg of collar.
stitch count is not critical, so if yours varies by a few don’t worry.
Next row: (K 1, yo) across.
Knit 1 row.
BO all sts in K with WS facing. Do not cut yarn.
Turn piece so that inside is facing you and yarn is in place to work along collar edge (which will turn back and become RS of collar). With A and size G crochet hook, work 1 row of slip stitch along collar edge, through the back loop only of the bound off sts (the new row will look just like a bind off). Fasten off.

Pat 6301: After armhole shaping, work Short row wedge:
    Next row: K.
    Next row: Ssk, k to end.
    Next row: K 36, w & t, k to end.
    Next row: K 21, w & t, k to end.
    Next row: K 22, w & t, k to end.
    Next row: K 37, w & t, k to end.
    Next row: K.
    Next row: Ssk, k to end.
    Next row: K.
    Next row: Ssk, k to end—51 (52, 53, 55) sts rem and short row wedge finished.
    Next row: K.
Resume patt on Row 11 with 51 (52, 53, 55) sts.
Next Row 1 is center of armhole.
Next Row 7, inc 1 st at beg of row, work to end. Work short row wedge as for beg of armhole, inc 1 st instead of ssk on 4 rows.

Pat 6303: Shape armhole:
Next row (WS):
BO 35 (35, 37, 37) sts, knit to end—85 (85,90,90) sts.
Several lines later: Next 3 RS rows: dec 1 st at beg of row, knit to end—75 (75, 80, 80) sts.
After short row wedge and increases/cast on for armhole shaping:
Next RS row: Knit to end, turn and knit CO 35 (35, 37, 37) sts— 120 (120, 127, 127) sts.

Pat 6403: Transition Rows:
Row 3: K2tog, yo across, k1

Pat 6805:
Lace Pattern: multiple of 4 plus 4
With #6 needle CO 96 (104, 116, 124) stitches
Work 4 rows of Seed Stitch:
Row 1: k 1, p 1.
Row 2: p 1, k 1.
Work lace pattern to 10½ (11, 12, 13)”.
Shape Armhole:
Row 1: (RS) BO 8 (8, 8, 12) stitches, P1. Cont in lace pattern on 88 (96, 108, 112) sts.
Row 2: (WS) BO 8 (8, 8, 12) stitches, K1. Cont on 80 (88, 100, 100) sts to 18½ (19, 20, 21)”.

Pat 7101: Bottom Tier
Work through rnd 28, then beg with Rnd 1 and work in Chevron pattern for 14 rnds.

Pat 7302: Body: change to larger needle and beg cable patt.
There are three corrections to the short row section on back:
Beg short rows on Back:
Next row (RS): Work ...knit to 3 sts before next marker, w & t, purl to 3 sts before cable, w & t.
Next row: knit to ....purl to 6 sts before cable, w & t. Cont back and forth...until 64 (74) sts rem between wrapped sts.

Pat 7602: Collar Beg with Row 2 (not row 1) of Chevron Pattern and work Collar Color Sequence, end with Row 2.

Pat 8102: Further editing has resulted in sizing adjustments. Please Contact Us for a fresh copy of the pattern.

Pat 8201:
Row 43: knit.
Rep Rows 35-43 twice more.

Pat 8501: Armhole Band:Knit 7 rows should be work stockinette for 7 rows. Front Band:
Knit 6 rows should be work stockinette for 6 rows.

Pat 8704: Contact us for a corrected pattern.

Symphony 6-Pack, Popcorn and Champagne: Repeat increases 8 more times (not 7) All stitch counts are correct.

Trio of Chevron Gradient Shawls, Coppertails
Chevron Pattern Repeat
Row 1: K to first marker, YO, slip marker, k1, YO, k5, ssk; sm, k2tog, k #, YO, k1, YO, k #, ssk) (with varying sts as est in set-up row); repeat to center, place contrasting marker for center back; (ssk, k #, YO, k1, YO, k #, k2tog) end k5, YO, k1, pm, YO, k to end.

StuffTM Plus Leaflets

Pat SP1E Bag: With Tyrol 1 st ea edge every 4th row 4 times--12 sts (not 8). Inc 1 st ea edge every 6th row 2 times--16 sts (not 12).

Pat SP4B Draped Wrap: Row 4: as row 3, dropping extra wrap from needle as you work.

Pat SP4E Flounced Scarf: Row 18: knit.

Pat SP7B Stocking: Tassel pieces should be cut to 16", then remainders cut to 8" to tie onto stocking body.

Pat SP10B Mystique Jacket After CO 75 sts, st count should be 115 (115, 119, 123).
Left Front:
CO 115 (115, 119, 123) sts.