Hand-Dyed Colors

Welcome to our magical, color-filled world. Here you can explore different options to view colors.

Ikat Colors: are precision-dyed combinations of two subtly different colors separated by creme. They are intended to work with Magic Numbers to produce spectacular patterning effects.

Shades Colors: Shades dyeing features cream or a very light tint at one end, a medium color that appears twice, and a dark color at the other end.

Merino Mia Gradient Packs: Eight subtle shades ranging from the barest tint to deep strength.

Hand dyed multi-colors in wool: Here you will find, in alphabetical order, all current Prism multi-colors. While they are shown primarily in Merino Mia, animal fibers across the board will have much the same look.

Hand dyed multi-colors in rayon: Again alphabetically, these samples have been dyed on Bon Bon.

Tencel® and Linen dye similarly, while cotton will be slightly different. So each yarn has a broad range of sample colors within their gallery help in your choices.

Layers™ Colors: These colors are made through a multi-step process that produces subtly varied colors that do not pool or stripe. Composed of multiple parents, the colors reveal both parents and multiple blends.

Sandwashed solids in rayon. Sandwashed solids in wool Sandwashed Solid Colors are kettle dyed to produce not quite solid, tone-on tone colors reminiscent of suede or sandwashed silk.

Color Stories

These stories have been developed by Laura to guide you in combining Prism colors to create successful and beautiful projects. Both multi-colors and coordinating solids are featured. Any story name can be used for ordering kits. Of course, you are limited only by your own imagination!

A Little Romance   Tuscan Dreams
Autumn's Bounty   Medieval Gems
Tone Poems         Naturally Neutral